Meeting with TAFISA president

The TAFISA president appreciated from endeavor of WHC board member which was in the way of sport for all and championship development.

According to report of public relation of Iran HAPKIDO society, due to meeting of operational committee of world confederation of HAPKIDO (WHC) on 12 October 2015, a meeting was held in office of president of TAFISA in South Korea.

In this meeting, first master Hashempoor Pashaki while appreciating invitation of TAFISA president present the performance report in both sides of public and championship of WHC. He also mentioned that according to sending reports to TAFISA office, WHC has had great performance in all of the programs of TAFISA for developing public sport which can be enlisted as below: 

• Active presence of members of the countries which are membered in WHC in the day of challenge of the public sports.

 Active presence of members of the countries which are membered in WHC in the day of family walking of TAFISA.

• Active presence of executive committee in international workshops of TAFISA.

• Active presence of WHC in the Martial Arts events of TAFISA.

 Put the programs of TAFISA in the sport calendar of WHC.

• Strengthening and development of sport utility of HAPKIDO, and putting in perspective of WHC as an important issue, so that performance in HAPKIDO sport are generalized and easily will be accessed with the sport for all.

Executives in this meeting included as below:

1.                 Professor Chang (president of TAFISA)

2.                 Dr. Kim Chang Sun (president of WHC)

3.                 Master Seyed Mostafa Ghavami (vice president of WHC)

4.                 Master Hashempoor Pashaki ( the secretary-general of WHC)

5.                 Master Hyung  Jang (the secretary –general of Asia's HAPKIDO- responsible for international relationship of WHC.

Master Hashempoor Pashaki also added that: all of our try of the executive committee is powerful presence and magnificent holding of world championship tournament on 2016 in Jakarta, he also appreciated professor Chang and all of the directors who made society for martial arts of TAFISA which was for supporting of martial arts.

 Professor Chang  while appreciating executive committee's endeavors, also added that I have presence in all of WHC works and performance, and I hope that this will be good promotion for all federations of HAPKIDO and lead this sport to its real and deserved place in international sports societies. He also appreciated from Master Hashempoor for making unity in members' countries.

 Professor Chang expressed that the policy of TAFISA for making commission and societies of Martial Arts of TAFISA is for strengthening and development international federations. And as the fact all of the events of TAFISA confirmed with IOC, so the presence of international federations in these events can make these performance more official.

 Professor Chang also declared his mutual supports and executive committee for holding world championship of HAPKIDO on 2016 in Jakarta.