Meeting with officials of Azerbaijan Sport and Youth ministry

Meeting with officials of Azerbaijan Sport and Youth ministry

The officials Sports ministry of Azerbaijan met with the officials of the World Hapkido Confederation (WHC).

According report of Public Relations of WHC, the meeting held on 14 December 2015  in the Office of the Deputy Minister of sport and youth republic of Azerbaijan with the participation of the following officials.

Mr. Ismayilov Ismayil Sultan (Deputy minster),Mr.Seyed  Mostafa Ghavami (vice-president of WHC) Master Hashempour Pashaki (General Secretary of WHC) Mr.Ilham Isa Madatov (Head of International Relations Department) Dr.Mohsan Rajabi Matak (representative of WHC in  republic of Azerbaijan.

Master Hashempour Pashaki The Secretary General of WHC meantime thanking the Sport Minister and Deputy Minister of republic of Azerbaijan ,with offering report on the performance of the World Hapkido Confederation and its place in the world, said the executive committee of WHC willingness to cooperate bilaterally to develop Hapkido and holding international Hapkido workshops and competitions in Azerbaijan.

Ismayilov Ismayil Sultan respectable Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport  of republic of Azerbaijan said at this meeting ; that Iran is our neighbor and our brother country. Iran has a special place in the international championship. Such as martial arts, wrestling and etc. We are very proud of that Iranians having two International seats in the World Hapkido Confederation. We can use this position to the development of sport Hapkido in Azerbaijan .

He also stressed to Azerbaijan's Hapkido Federation authorities for having a close relationship and serious cooperation with the  World Hapkido Confederation and trying to get  hosting international Hapkido Workshops ,world and European Hapkido Championship