WHC the Board Director meeting 2015

WHC the Board Director meeting 2015

According to reports of international relation committee of WHC the Board Director meeting for reaching to bellowing aims from 5 to 14 October 2015 was held in WHC's office in Korea.

1.                 Reviewing and temporal confirmation of membership request from countries and membership in WHC (it is need to say that the countries who received temporal membership in reporting of good performance and official recording in national federation which are under the certification of sport ministry can receive Full membership which will be hold simultaneously with world events of HAPKIDO on 2016 in Jakarta.)

2.                 Planning for confirming of hosting and the date of 2nd  Asian Hapkido Games (date of tournament delayed to April on 2016 and the hosting of India and UAE were confirmed and after reviewing the potentiality for hosting will send to WHC on November 11, 2015 and due to this, the executive committee will give the host certification to the best country.)

3.                 Changes in rules and constitution of the WHC games reviewed and confirmed and after applying such changes with referee committee, it will be announced to all of the federations and national associations.

4.                 Inspection of the WHC Secretary General from national championship of HAPKIDO in Korea and matching to the new rules will report that to association.

5.                 Reviewing and confirmation of world HAPKIDO games on 2016 and the games on 2016 alone shows that the Hosting of Jakarta is finalized.

6.                 Dedicating training center of WHC in South Korea is for the use of the national federations' / associations members of  which are under the support of holding tutorial workshops. It is need to say that, since then all of the national federations and associations of the supported countries of WHC will be benefitted from three technical centers and training courses in South Korea which are located at: Seoul, Anson, and Chung Ju.

Following the spectacular success of WHC and formalization the activities of this organization in international societies of sport, three famous Hapkido Federation in Korea declared their acceptation and cooperation with WHC. 

It is need to say that each related federation in spite of significant population in Korea country have got representation in different continents.